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OrangeSquareGetting my nails done gives me the pleasure of reading magazines that I would never buy. Yesterday I picked up Town & Country. To my surprise there was an article about how and when to talk to your kids about sex. Of course it got my attention. It was written by a pediatrician, and I was very surprised to find that she advised parents not to talk to younger children unless they ask. I know this was a popular idea for many years, but I think that this approach is leaving a very important topic up to chance. We can do better than that!

We can explain birth, conception, and the design of reproduction in the early years whether they ask or not. If we keep our focus on the basic biology and our values we can introduce the subject of sex without the emotional awkwardness.

When they are young, hearing about seeds and eggs and babies is just a part of all of the other things they are discovering! Let the age appropriate conversations begin.

Town and Country may be very chic, but in this category…so 80’s.

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    Anna said,

    Who would have thought there’d be an article like that in T&C? Weird. It seems very normal (but sometimes intimidating…). Why wouldn’t we explain these concepts just like we explain faith and honesty and everything else?

  2. 2

    Linda said,

    Next time I get my nails done, I’ll have to pay more attention to the magazines. I find it very hard to keep up with the ever changing world. I almost want to just put my fingers in my ears and la la la la la over all this stuff.

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