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Quite a Day!

I feel like a new mother.

My children are 27, 24 and 21. Two are married and one is in college…but last Thursday I gave birth to my workbook/video project! It has been a 10 year gestation process. 

Just like a new mother, I’m pretty proud, a little scared, and wondering where this child will go and who his friends will be. His name is “Simple Truths with Mary Flo Ridley”…and you’ll get to meet him very soon. This blog will contain some of the tips and strategies that you will find in Simple Truths, and look for a “give-away” before Christmas!

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Name That Post

The other night it occured to me that so far my posts have 3 words in the titles. “Keep it Simple”, “Open for Questions”, etc. and I wondered how long I could keep this up???

I must have been REALLY bored.

Because I came up with about 225 ideas for 3-word Post titles. Would you like to hear a few?

“By God’s Design”

“Let Parents Tell” 

“Knit Together Perfectly”   

 “Grocery Store Porn”     

“Shock and Awe”      

“Theology in Bodies”     

“Did You Wait?”    

 “Is it Sex?”    

“Get There First”       

“What’s Your Hurry?”      

“Get Grandma Ready”      

 “That Sounds Funny!”    

 “Raise Your Eyebrows”    

“Dancing With Daddy”     

 “No means NO”      

“Pull the Plug”    

 “Also for Oneness”    

 “You Tube Parenting”      

“Wingy-Wangy Words”

I won’t give you the other 206 titles, but I think we’re going to be meeting here for a while. Let’s see…where should we start?

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