Empty Nest Thanksgiving

Dave and I have an empty nest and we just had a wonderful Thanksgiving! How does that happen?

We have three children, Meg, Jill & Davis.

Meg (27) is married to Travis and they live in Greenville, South Carolina. Jill (24) is married to Ryan  and they live in Indianapolis, Indiana. Davis (21) is a Junior at Clemson University in South Carolina. Davis came home…THANK GOODNESS… but our daughters spent the holiday with their husbands’ families in states FAR, FAR away.

I thought it would be too painful for words. Without Meg & Jill laughing and helping in the kitchen and visiting around the table….I imagined holidays without them as “the worst”!

But here is what happens…

First, you are so thrilled with the young men they have married that you are happier than you thought you’d be. Just knowing how happy your children are gives you sort of an unselfish peace. And you also adore the families they have married into…so sharing comes easier than you might think! 

Second, you have the most amazing friends who invite you and your husband and son to share the holiday with them. Put together three families who are each missing someone, and what do you get? An unexpected blessing!

And now that we shared so nicely for Thanksgiving, we can look forward to getting EVERYONE home for Christmas! Yipeee!

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  1. 1

    Anna said,

    I remember one Thanksgiving in college that I opted for a road trip with my friends to Knoxville instead of coming home. My mom never said more than, “Be careful, and we’ll miss you!” but looking back I bet she missed me more than I missed them.

  2. 2

    Linda R. said,

    You are giving me hope Mary Flo! Our daughter is 23 and single but I’ve already thought of the time when I’ll have to “share” her. For now, I’m just going to cherish every holiday with her, like this wonderful Thanksgiving. And to think Christmas is just around the corner and she’ll be home again….YEAH! 🙂

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