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Off to Nicaragua

Ten years ago our daughter Meg went with a group of her friends from the University of Virgina to Managua, Nicaragua to work at an orphanage over Spring Break. It was a life changing experience for her, and the next year our whole family went along to see what it was all about. 

Meg had made friends with one of the boys there…. Antonio Soto (Tony). He was 9 at the time, with a great big smile and a quick mind. Every time we took a step…Tony was close by. We could tell he liked us, and he seemed to understand our broken Spanish.

One night we took some of the orphans out to dinner. As we were entering the restaurant, Tony noticed some boys begging across the street. I saw him glance their way. We had a great dinner…it was someone’s birthday and there was a huge cake. His eyes opened wide as we gave him a piece, but oddly enough he only ate half of it. I thought he might be saving the rest for later (because that’s what I would have done), but as we walked out of the restaurant, Tony took the other half of his cake to those street boys. He won our hearts!

Even though Tony was in the orphanage, he actually has parents who are living, so it complicated any thoughts we might have had of adoption. We considered it, prayed about it, but ultimately didn’t have a peace about it. I don’t know if we did the right thing or not, but during the past 10 years he has been able to come and stay with us a few times, and we have made some trips to Nicaragua to visit him. We’ve tried to give him some help with English lessons, driving lessons, etc…to boost his chances of work in Nicaragua. We email and he calls occasionally, and we pray for Tony…he still has a big piece of our heart.

Right now we’re packing to make another trip to Nicaragua, and Dave and I can hardly wait. We don’t know what those few days will look like, but we hope to encourage Tony in his walk with the Lord, and to understand what his current needs are.

It’s interesting how you pack for a trip like this…not the good clothes, no jewelry, not even makeup…and it makes me wonder why we don’t live like this????


Here we are 2 Christmases ago in Nicaragua…

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