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Rich in Spirit

We’re back from Nicaragua, and it was amazing. It is a depressingly poor country, but we met saints who were truly rich in Spirit! What a joy to see Tony, and his big smile, and to have some pretty important discussions with him about his future…thanks to Mario our translator/driver/ newest friend.

I am now a firm believer in Divine appointments. It seemed that at every turn, Dave and I encountered people who could give us help, or direction for Tony. Most of these were strangers to us before we got to Nicaragua, and many times we met them in the strangest ways.  Never the less, we had an instant rapport with them, and now have a peace that God will continue to use them in Tony’s life.

Going to see Tony in December makes my schedule of  Christmas shopping days nutty. Did I just say that? Visiting a poor orphan at Christmas has interfered with my shopping? Yikes!

It may have interfered with my shopping, but it did wonders for my heart…and I’m so grateful for that.

Just wanted to thank everyone for their prayers…and to tell you we made it home safely!

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