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Training a Tiger

Yesterday a friend of mine and I were discussing the Tiger Woods tragedy…and since every other blogger in the world has chimed in about it, I thought I would, too!

My friend reminded me that Tiger’s dad, Earl Woods, wrote a book called, “Training a Tiger…a Father’s Guide to Raising a Winner”. Neither of us has read the book, but we both guessed that there is NOT a chapter in it about the guidance Earl gave Tiger about sex.

So Tiger was probably never told about the beauty and wonder that God designed sex to be. That sex is meant for husbands and wives for oneness and for children. Maybe he was never warned about pornography and where that leads. Left to his own devices, Tiger bought the lie that our culture is selling, and lived a secret life that he is now ashamed of.

He is a great example of how to be a golfer, and how NOT to be a husband and a father. He took the great gift of a beautiful family, and he trashed it. And this whole episode should be a reminder to all parents, not to leave out the chapter about sex for our kids….

I hope that Tiger can fess up. Get help. And work as hard on the things that really matter as he obviously does on the things that are merely sport. I hope that in this sad story of darkness and secrets, the light of the reality of this kind of life can be seen.

Hollywood promotes this behavior in movies and TV and rarely shows us the consequences, but there is no script writer in Hollywood who can make Tiger’s story have a happy ending.  However I know Someone who can, and I hope they meet.

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