Practicing Your Faithfulness

I continue to think about the Tiger Woods’ tragedy. Standing in the grocery store line we get bombarded with the story! So here is my thought for today: Until recently, Tiger was a great example of the success that comes with practice. He is known for practicing…relentlessly. He didn’t wait till game day to warm up and hope for the best. He practiced every day.

Perhaps it’s important to let our kids know that before they get married, they need to practice their faithfulness to their spouse. The morning after the wedding  vows are taken may not be the time to START being faithful…maybe the time to start is now.  We’re not just asking our kids to say “no”…but to see that they are actively strengthening their future marriage just like they strengthen their muscles…by resistance.  Wait training. How do we practice being faithful? What do we resist now, that we will need to know how to resist later? Something to think about.

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    Anna said,

    Great message, Mary Flo! I think it’s so important for children and teens to realize that it’s not just chance or accident that some marriages work and some fail. Hard work, solid foundations and practicing certain principles make a big difference!

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    Linda R. said,

    Last night I was watching the news and it was all about “Where Is Tiger”? They were saying the first pictures of him were going to be worth thousands of dollars. That said, I wouldn’t trade a faithful marriage for any amount. It is hard work, but most things in life worthwhile do take work, focus, self control and dedication. Parenting isn’t easy, bottom line. But I believe that setting a good example AND having faith in God will guide you through. Even with adult children, one is always a parent. And for the record, I don’t give a hoot about where Tiger is hiding. I feel very sorry for his wife and children.

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    Cindy said,

    Oh, that ironing can wait. Keep on blogging. More fun and less wrinkly!

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