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‘Frequent Questions’ Friday


Welcome to the first edition of…. FREQUENT QUESTIONS FRIDAY!! Each week I’ll try to tackle one of the FAQ’s that come up at the end of my program.  

Let’s see….yes, you in the back…

“We have a 4-year-old daughter and a 7-year-old son. How should I handle it when sexual topics come up and they are both in the room? The other day our 7-year-old was asking about his teacher who is having a baby soon. I wanted to answer him, but didn’t know what to do about the 4-year-old!”

Great question! You want to keep these conversations as natural and easy as possible. When you have more than one child around just answer with the youngest child in mind. Answer the question as if it came from your 4-year-old, and then when you get time alone later with your 7-year-old, you can add more information. For example, in this instance, you might answer in the simplest language possible, but later add more vocabulary,  go into greater detail, and reassure him that he came to the right place for answers. That would be the right time to ask him if he has any more questions.

When we take children away to answer their questions, or tell them ‘we can’t discuss that now’ (although on rare occasions that is appropriate)…we bring more tension to the subject than information.   

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