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Meet the Fam…

OK…between NFL playoff games I  was browsing through my blog, and realized that this will be post #25!!!  How do  I celebrate?

Like I celebrate every other milestone…bring in the family! Oh…you all haven’t met my family yet? Well, here they are:

Looking at this picture, Dave is the proud Papa right in the middle. Dave and I met in 1979,  married in 1980, and will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary this July. He is less talkative, more athletic, better read, more disciplined, and has more of a sweet tooth than I do. He runs almost every morning, then makes coffee for me, prays for our family, and works for Southwest Airlines with a passion. If he has another love…it’s golf. He dreams of Scotland, and of St. Andrews. I’m not too jealous…because it makes him so happy, and his golf friends are some of my favorite people. I love to watch the Masters with him, but I’m not a fan of that Disney-golf-challenge-show-thing that he loves.

God has blessed us in a thousand ways with our three children… Meg, Jill and Davis.

Meg will be 28 this year…wow.. that’s how old I was when she was born! (She is to the left of Dave, in the green ). After graduating from UVA as an English major, and interning for Laura Bush in D.C.,  Meg went to South Carolina to serve the church, and is currently the assistant to the pastor at the Downtown Presbyterian Church. Happily married to darling Travis in 2007…they live in Greenville, S.C. with their handsome, male, large-ish, yellow lab, Hatch. 

 Jill, will be 25 this  year….how can that be? ( Far right in the picture) Jill graduated from Furman University as an Art History major, and then got her nursing degree.  Jill has been working at Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis as a Pediatric oncology nurse for the last 6 months. Also happily married since 2007, she and her precious husband, Ryan are moving this week to Charlotte, NC with their sweet, female, small-ish yellow lab, Callie.

Our son, Davis is 21 and is a junior at Clemson University (far left in the picture). He is a political science major who loves music, sports, writing, and his friends. His dream year would be to join his friends at the Masters in the spring, followed by a fishing trip to Colorado in the summer, a fall FULL of football, and then home for the holidays…in front of the fire.

As you get to know us, you’ll hear a lot more about our flaws and quirks. We’ve certainly got our share!

We also have pet stories that may turn you against us…but just know that on my tombstone my children have agreed that it should say, “she tried”.

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