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Also for ONEness


Third week of  Frequent Question Friday…and we have a FAQ that causes many parents to pause.

“Is sex ONLY for having children?”

Don’t you  remember being horrified that your parents actually “did this” 3 times? They must have…they have 3 children!!!

OH            MY              GOODNESS      %#!%#@#!!!!!!!

The big secret, mystery, and surprise  is this:  By God’s design,  sex is for ONENESS and for FRUITFULNESS. This is an essential part of marriage…for joy, wonder, and children. This is not for dating,  or for experiments,  or for cheep thrills..but it is giving your whole self for your whole life.

We didn’t invent it, and we can’t fully explain it..but that is what it is.

Let’s don’t leave that part out,  for goodnes sake!

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