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Make ’em Laugh


Today I was in a very thought-provoking conversation with some dear friends about how we “connect” with our children. It’s important. It was pretty deep.

Then the conversation turned to how our parents connected with us. We remembered about how fun it was to get silly notes or cards from them, or for them to play a practical joke on us,  just goofy stuff. I remember my mom laughing until she wet her pants…literally.

Parenting today is pretty darn serious ( OK…I’m guilty).

Maybe when we find ourselves in these awkward conversations with our kids…there is a time to lighten up . Is there something about sex that we could giggle about? I’m pretty sure that we can hold it in high esteem before God, and yet see how hilarious it is. I truly believe God has a sense of humor…if  He doesn’t, why did He give us one?

I’m not saying it’s a laughing matter, I’m just saying…it’s not grim.

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