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Dads & Daughters?

“Is talking about sex a Mother-to-Daughter/Father-to-Son thing?”

No doubt there are aspects of these conversations that lend themselves to that pattern, but I think we’re missing some very important dynamics if we confine ourselves to that.

When our children are little, I don’t think it matters very much which one of the parents explains birth or conception, as long as both of them are on the same page about what the message is. If Dad gets to answer one of those important questions on the way home from his daughter’s soccer game, maybe Mom can fill in a few more details when she tucks her in that night. Parents are sort of interchangeable parts in those early years. Both are very important, but one answering is as good as another.

Once the hormones start to kick-in, however…it’s very important to bond on this subject not only with our same gender parent, but with the opposite sex parent as well. A mother can help her son untangle what seems like a very complicated thing to him…the female mind. Dad can assure his daughter of her value and worth, so she doesn’t need to seek that in risky ways. For single parents, coming at both those roles will be very challenging, and it may help to begin cultivating a trusted role model of the opposite sex for your child.

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