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Spring Break Cook

I guess I should be flattered, because my son brought 7 of his Clemson friends home for Spring Break.

What does that tell you about the economy?

Dave’s cousin let us take them to his place out in the wilds of West Texas for a few nights.

Which can be transforming:

Being a short-order cook is just fine when the boys are darling & Southern …which was mostly true!

Their favorite recipe was grits (Texas Style)…Served with a spicy pork tenderloin sandwich and some greens.

They tried to do some ‘hunting’, but came up short.   

 Too bad……

Because last year they killed a rattlesnake……and ATE it!

I think that’s how I got this gig.

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Simple Truths Website

Celebrating some exciting news….my new book/video resource is now available for purchase through a website, and I wanted to share it with you all!!!!

The website is:

I am very grateful to Just Say YES, the non-profit who published my work, and to my editors at Cox Creative in Colorado, both of whom helped me every step of the way, and to Stephen the camera guy, and to my family for all of their sacrifices…….

Now I know how Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep feel…

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Full of Wonder


Do you have a child that has never asked you a question about sex? You may think you’re one of the lucky ones, but these conversations still need to happen. 

How can YOU initiate conversations?

Here’s one way…

“Have you ever wondered….?”

Just start there, and see where it goes.

“Have you ever wondered about…. how babies are born?”

“Have you ever wondered about…. how babies are made?”

“Have you ever wondered about ….how God made you?”

Chances are they have wondered…and you have a WONDER-FILLED explanation for them!

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Sending Smoke Signals

My phones died. In the same week. Home and mobile.

I am in communication time-out.

How do you call the phone company to tell them you have a broken phone?

I’m thinking the Indians were really smart with their smoke signal thing. No bills, no plans, and when they spoke everyone could see it…no lies or gossip or sexting, plus they could cook their dinner or burn their trash at the same time!

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There YOU are!

Dave and I just got back from a wedding. You will hear me say that a lot.

We are in the go-to-weddings season of our life. I didn’t know there was such a season, but there is, and it’s both fun and meaningful.

This wedding was in Atlanta, and we were invited as friends of the groom, Will Craine, & his precious parents. I have always been very fond of Will, but the stories that I heard this weekend and the people I met have enlarged my picture of him, and have given me a new appreciation for his parents.

At the rehearsal dinner a groomsman started his toast to Will by saying, “You changed my life in the 7th grade. I know everyone thinks I have lots of friends, but in the 7th grade I sat by myself  every day in the cafeteria. It was awful. Then one day Will Craine came over and said, ‘come and sit with us’..and  I can’t even tell you what that meant to me.” (picture a handsome, smart, ‘cool’ 26-year-old choking up)

At the Wedding Day brunch Dave & I sat next to Michael and his mother Regina. Michael and Will became friends during their first week at the University of Richmond. Michael was born blind, and college was a special challenge to him…but a huge blessing of his college days (& a comfort to Michael’s mother) was his loyal and encouraging friend, Will.

Finally I’ll introduce you to Willy. Willy has been in Will’s life since our groom was 18 months old. She is a 65-year-old African-American, and was officially the family housekeeper, but not to Will. To him, Willy was (and is) his close friend and confidant. Willy has retired from working for the Craine family, but she will never retire from being an important part of their family. Willy and Will shared a precious dance at his wedding, and she shared some remarkable stories with us on the way to the wedding.

I’ve heard that there are two types of people. One will come into a room thinking, “Here I am!”, the other will come into a room thinking, “There YOU are!”.

Will is a , “There YOU are” type….and it has made all the difference in these three lives. 

Congratulations, Will!

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What’s the hurry?

This last week was a mini-marathon for me & I loved every moment! Speaking 5 times in 7 days may be a record, but what a privilege to meet such wonderful parents!

One dad gave me a great idea that I want to pass along. We were talking about how we can help our kids understand delayed gratification vs. instant gratification. How do we teach them that it’s really BETTER to wait? What kind of things help them to exercise those muscles that strengthen their ability to wait?

His idea: On family vacations he gives his 4 children some spending money. Let’s say he gives each child $25.00. He and his wife let them know this is THEIR money, and they can spend it any way they like, whenever they wish. If they spend all of it at the first Cracker Barrel they come to …that is OK. But they are only getting $25.00 for the trip. Now…here is the lesson part:  He also tells his children that whatever part of the $25.00 they come home with, the parents will double.

Hmmm…so it’s better to spend wisely, and maybe even not spend at all? If I spend $10.00 on a trinket, and bring home $15.00…I can get $30.00!

He said that the first time they were given $25.00, they did spend it very quickly, but by their 3rd family vacation, the older children had learned that the coolest way to use the money was to examine all of their choices, and think about what $50.00 could buy at home. He saw a huge shift in the mental process of seeing+wanting=buying….. change into……. seeing+wanting+thinking=waiting.


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