There YOU are!

Dave and I just got back from a wedding. You will hear me say that a lot.

We are in the go-to-weddings season of our life. I didn’t know there was such a season, but there is, and it’s both fun and meaningful.

This wedding was in Atlanta, and we were invited as friends of the groom, Will Craine, & his precious parents. I have always been very fond of Will, but the stories that I heard this weekend and the people I met have enlarged my picture of him, and have given me a new appreciation for his parents.

At the rehearsal dinner a groomsman started his toast to Will by saying, “You changed my life in the 7th grade. I know everyone thinks I have lots of friends, but in the 7th grade I sat by myself  every day in the cafeteria. It was awful. Then one day Will Craine came over and said, ‘come and sit with us’..and  I can’t even tell you what that meant to me.” (picture a handsome, smart, ‘cool’ 26-year-old choking up)

At the Wedding Day brunch Dave & I sat next to Michael and his mother Regina. Michael and Will became friends during their first week at the University of Richmond. Michael was born blind, and college was a special challenge to him…but a huge blessing of his college days (& a comfort to Michael’s mother) was his loyal and encouraging friend, Will.

Finally I’ll introduce you to Willy. Willy has been in Will’s life since our groom was 18 months old. She is a 65-year-old African-American, and was officially the family housekeeper, but not to Will. To him, Willy was (and is) his close friend and confidant. Willy has retired from working for the Craine family, but she will never retire from being an important part of their family. Willy and Will shared a precious dance at his wedding, and she shared some remarkable stories with us on the way to the wedding.

I’ve heard that there are two types of people. One will come into a room thinking, “Here I am!”, the other will come into a room thinking, “There YOU are!”.

Will is a , “There YOU are” type….and it has made all the difference in these three lives. 

Congratulations, Will!

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    Christy said,

    I am so glad that we heard you talk last week at Covenant. Tonight my 4 year old asked my husband both WHY and HOW God made her. He was able to answer without freaking out. I can’t wait to hear you again this week at MOPS. I know I will get even more out of it the second time.

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