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Spring Break Cook

I guess I should be flattered, because my son brought 7 of his Clemson friends home for Spring Break.

What does that tell you about the economy?

Dave’s cousin let us take them to his place out in the wilds of West Texas for a few nights.

Which can be transforming:

Being a short-order cook is just fine when the boys are darling & Southern …which was mostly true!

Their favorite recipe was grits (Texas Style)…Served with a spicy pork tenderloin sandwich and some greens.

They tried to do some ‘hunting’, but came up short.   

 Too bad……

Because last year they killed a rattlesnake……and ATE it!

I think that’s how I got this gig.

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Simple Truths Website

Celebrating some exciting news….my new book/video resource is now available for purchase through a website, and I wanted to share it with you all!!!!

The website is:

I am very grateful to Just Say YES, the non-profit who published my work, and to my editors at Cox Creative in Colorado, both of whom helped me every step of the way, and to Stephen the camera guy, and to my family for all of their sacrifices…….

Now I know how Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep feel…

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