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Leave a Message


Do you save messages on your phone? The ones I have saved are from the people I love the most. It may be just a “Hi Mom”…but it was the WAY she said “Hi Mom” that makes me want to hear it again and again.

Every once in a while I’ll go back and replay them. Just because. 

I’ve kept some from my Dad, and hearing his silly nick name for me makes me feel like I’m still 8 years old. (Don’t you want to be 8 sometimes?)

How does this relate to talking to our kids about sex? I just want to continue to encourage you…to leave a message. Find your voice, and speak to your children about the basic things of life. The beauty and wonder of how babies are made and how they are born.  And wrap those simple biological facts with your very own message. Include your faith, your values, your priorities.

Leave a message.

You never know when they will need to play it back!

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