In Real Life


Dan in Real Life is one of my favorite movies…Dave & I love Steve Carell…and we were enchanted with the story line of that movie.  Just to let you know, and we are not movie critics, but we were very disappointed in Date Night.

Does he NEED the money?

Movies can either be uplifting or a downer, and for all the wonderful touching moments in Dan, there were just as many ‘are you kidding?’ moments in Date Night. That was our take, anyway.

But speaking of being REAL…I have a bit of a confession here.

Dave and I did not do the ‘talk to your kids about sex’ thing perfectly.

I don’t think anyone does.

We tried…oh we tried. But one child had her fingers in her ears, and one child was just a little too busy for meaningful conversations, and to tell you the truth we were doing our best to get more than half of the things done that I wish we had done.

This is REAL LIFE. In real life, you make the best of it, and hopefully have more dinner on the table than on the run. You hope to say the things you’re thinking, but somehow they don’t always materialize in the way you were imagining.

The good news is that we can go back to our children, and ask for a do-over. We can say, “Can I try that again?”…they seem to be ok with that. If conversations don’t go well, you can follow-up with a note or a text, or yet another conversation. Keep trying.  KEEP TRYING…they seem to understand that this is a difficult thing for parents to do, and kids are great at giving second chances when parents are sincerely making an effort.

So if we really give it our best try, they can get it. It doesn’t have to be perfect! They pick up on our attitudes, our attempts, and our actions. The saying goes that more is CAUGHT than TAUGHT…and there is some truth in that….but don’t forget to pray.

I’m not saying that conversations don’t matter…they most definitely do, but as we saw in Dan in Real Life, our children also hang in there with us when we fail to do it perfectly.


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    Dan said,

    Great perspective! Thanks for giving us permission to not be perfect. God can use even our imperfect attempts to convey our messages to our children.

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