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Telling the Grandparents

OK…yesterday I told you all that Meg & Travis are having a baby…due November 10~very very exciting!!!

But how did they tell us?

Well…I’m so glad you asked.

It was my birthday, and we were spending Spring Break with the Clemson Boys. (Scroll down to Post dated  March 21 )

Meg and Travis sent me a little gift. It was the book “Good Night Moon”, and inside the book was a card that said, “Happy Birthday! Love,  Meg, Travis & Baby Hooper!!”

Dave knew the moment he saw the book, but I didn’t figure it out until I read the card.

Here is the exciting moment for all to share:

Davis was there to share in the surprise…

What an amazing birthday…I’ll never forget!

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Great Great News!!

Meg and Travis are having a BABY! We have known for a few weeks, but now that they have passed the 12 week marker, we are allowed to tell. Dave and I are FLOATING.

Right now I’m sitting on an airplane next to some darling grandparents and their 22 month old granddaughter. I can not keep my eyes off of them. They could easily think I’m a stalker!

Also seated  in front of us is just about the cutest little boy…(I’m guessing under two also)… and he is very busy and smiling, with extremely patient parents. We have all become good friends!

Isn’t it funny how a change in our circumstances changes our focus?

Now every child grabs my full attention, and I want to know the age, how life has changed, etc.

Getting the news of a good heartbeat at 12 weeks may be some of the best news ever! We already love that little one, and can’t wait to see Meg & Trav become parents….JOY!!

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