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Cover-up words?

Many parents are a little uncomfortable using the precise medical vocabulary with their children. They also get anxious about their children using these words in public…nothing draws attention in a grocery store like a child saying the words penis or vagina out loud!

If you are one of those parents, then here is a compromise for you: give them some cover-up words.

Just like we cover up our private parts with clothes, underwear, and bathing suits when we are in public, it’s polite to cover up their names in public, too. So, although we want them to know the medical terms, and we want them to use those words correctly within the family and at home, manners may call on us to sometimes use the word “Privates” when we are outside of our home.

Does that help?

Talking about “covering up” is one of those easy summer conversations …. unless you are of the skinny dipping variety!

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