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Connect the Dots

Drawing sure was easy if  you had a ‘Connect the Dots’ coloring book!

As soon as you turned the page, you had a very good idea of what the picture would be. You saw it coming;  it wasn’t too much of a surprise when you were finished.  And yet you still carefully connected the dots…you went from number to number to make sure the image was what you thought it would be.

And if you didn’t start out in the right place, or missed a number along the way, then the picture was odd. It could be confusing.

This is how it is for our kids.

They may have heard a few things about sex, or about how babies are born and made… perhaps they’ve been given some pretty solid hints…but they need YOU to connect the dots.

They may act like they “know”…but it’s very reassuring to them for their parents to complete the picture. 

Turn a page in your relationship and tell them very simply,”You may already know some of these things, but I want to be sure you know the real facts…and here is what I want you to know…”

For our youngest children, they will need us to hold their hands, and direct them to the ‘dots’. Dot by dot, we can help them see the picture of God’s design for sex. The picture will become clearer as they get older, with our guidance.

In any case, whatever their age or stage, let’s help them to connect the dots.

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