Their first impressions

This is the beginning. The beginning of YOU being the loving teacher to your child. Answering their questions, and guiding their values. How do YOU plan to answer those questions?

It’s always best to start with God. He made us. We are designed by Him and wonderfully made. Every child is a miracle – every conception and birth. So, start by answering their questions with, “Let me tell you how God has made a way for the baby to get out…” and that will help get them on a path of understanding that God has a plan and a purpose for all of His creation.

Let’s don’t forget to marvel at that, and to let our children be in awe of it as well! Don’t let the fear of future conversations keep you from the joy of answering their early and simple questions with a smile and simple biology. You can do this confidently if you have a plan. 

It is a thrill for me to share some ideas for making that plan with young families. Most of us need a little coaching when it comes to these conversations, and I”m looking forward to my events this fall and next spring! If you are coming, bring all of your questions! If you can’t come, but have questions, then please check out my resources, or send me a question through this blog.

The new school year is ripe with opportunities for conversations, and my next post will cover some of the things to look for in the new school year.

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    Anna Lewis said,

    It all seems much simpler when you take it back to ‘God’s Design’, doesn’t it?

  2. 2

    Carrie said,

    Thank you for all your helpful insight. I have felt more capable of handling my children’s questions–especially those of my very thoughtful 10 year old daughter. She asks really in depth difficult questions, but she trusts me enough to ask ME and not her friends so I am able to put morality into our answers. I think that I have done a really good job fielding her questions. In fact, I was at a mom’s group and I was talking about some of her questions with the ladies and they all wanted me to repeat my answer to her so that they would know what to say when their kids asked. Who would have thought that I would become an expert on this subject??? Thank you for helping me find the words to help my kids and other moms.

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