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I Heart MOPS


I’d like to give a shout-out today to a group I have long admired.


Mothers of Preschoolers.  What I love about them is that they recognize the true importance of this season of parenting.

They are all about planting the seeds of strong marriages and rearing children who love the Lord.

 If you have a preschooler you are my hero. At this age, your children may not be able to tie their shoes, or reach the light switch, or get themselves buckled into their car seats. These are high maintenance years for moms filled with exhaustion, but balanced by joy and the most tender moments imaginable. Your children will love you with abandon while wearing you out! MOPS gives support and encouragement for both sides of this equation.

MOPS began in 1973 when  a group of mothers got together for the purpose of supporting mothers of preschoolers. They organized a time together with mentors, speakers, and sharing. Through the years, they have grown into an international organization that is standing ready to welcome you as if you were the only mother with a preschooler!

For over 25 years I have had the great privilege of speaking to MOPS groups all over the country. You could say I cut my teeth by speaking to MOPS groups, because they fed me the questions that mothers get quite often at this age….”Mommy, how does that baby get out of you?”…etc.

I have found that mothers of preschoolers and I agree that these impressionable years are not to be missed. Raising up a child in the way they should go starts right from the start. Learning respect for bodies from their parents, as well as a pure wonder at God’s creation, is a great start on the road to shaping their character. 

If you are finding yourself either wanting to give or receive this kind of support…let me commend a local MOPS group to you. You can find them on-line at

I am a fan of MOPS because of the dignity and purpose that is bestowed on these young mothers – THE HEROES OF THE HOME, the ones who tenderly care for the young.

God bless them every one!

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