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Google Map Nightmare

If you want to find the most wonderful people in Kansas City, let me tell you where to go: Platte Woods United Methodist Church. But if you are trying to find them, please don’t use Google Maps!

I was scheduled to speak at Platte Woods last night at 6:45. My hotel was only a few blocks away, but following the Google Map…in a city/state that was new to me, I found myself 45 minutes away on a gravel road to nowhere. Sue Bailey, my dear friend from Just Say YES was with me on this trip, and what a trip! (picture Lucy and Ethel here.)

Being a speaker, I always check and double-check, and this time we actually triple-checked, but each time the instructions from Google were the same. It is a speaker’s nightmare to be late to an event, and this was THAT nightmare. In 25 years of speaking, I can say this was a first…and I hope a last!

Happy ending:  the LOVING staff and WONDERFUL families at Platte Woods United Methodist waited patiently, then welcomed us with amazing warmth, and we had a marvelous time! Thank you for your understanding, and another thank you to the farmer’s wife on the tractor who told us, with a cigarette dangling from her mouth, “There’s no church anywhere around here.”

That was our first clue.

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That DEEP voice

The voice of Dad.

The chief.

Mom may get more opportunities to talk to the kids (because of time and circumstances), but your children need to hear Dad’s voice, too! 

BE THERE for them on this topic, and you will never regret it. Statistics are on your side, showing the positive effect of an involved dad who speaks up about sex. Blessings are also on your side.

But even if your children grow up to make decisions you wish they hadn’t made…you will have the credibility to talk to them as they mature if you initiated conversations when they were young or if you answered their questions with sincerity.

Once a man told me that he was deeply saddened to hear about his 16-year-old son having sex with his girlfriend. I asked how he found out, and the dad said,  “Actually, my son told me, after I asked some very direct questions about his relationship with his girlfriend.” he went on to say, “We were able to talk through how he crossed the line, and how he needed to get back on track…I think he trusted me with this information because we had been in conversations for so many years.”

Difficult, but beautiful.

There is research from Dr. Kevin Leman that an involved dad can make all the difference, particularly in the life of his daughters. The daughter who knows her dad has high expectations, and a deep involvement in her intellectual, social and spiritual growth is a daughter who will have the confidence to manage the difficult years.

Talking to your kids about sex is not a guarantee that they will do exactly what you hope they do. But it IS a guarantee that you will have a relationship with them on this subject.

I’m not saying it’s an easy subject.

But you can handle it, big guy!

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A valuable lesson

Maybe you have already seen this on Youtube…but if you haven’t, it’s a great thing to watch with your children, and to talk about what real freedom can be! It may look like a simple story about a dog, but I know I learned something valuable from it.

Just wanted to share!

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