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Google Map Nightmare

If you want to find the most wonderful people in Kansas City, let me tell you where to go: Platte Woods United Methodist Church. But if you are trying to find them, please don’t use Google Maps!

I was scheduled to speak at Platte Woods last night at 6:45. My hotel was only a few blocks away, but following the Google Map…in a city/state that was new to me, I found myself 45 minutes away on a gravel road to nowhere. Sue Bailey, my dear friend from Just Say YES was with me on this trip, and what a trip! (picture Lucy and Ethel here.)

Being a speaker, I always check and double-check, and this time we actually triple-checked, but each time the instructions from Google were the same. It is a speaker’s nightmare to be late to an event, and this was THAT nightmare. In 25 years of speaking, I can say this was a first…and I hope a last!

Happy ending:  the LOVING staff and WONDERFUL families at Platte Woods United Methodist waited patiently, then welcomed us with amazing warmth, and we had a marvelous time! Thank you for your understanding, and another thank you to the farmer’s wife on the tractor who told us, with a cigarette dangling from her mouth, “There’s no church anywhere around here.”

That was our first clue.

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