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The Dearest Love!

Please pardon my absence from the blog world, but my heart has been intensely focused on the arrival of our first grandchild! 

Jill Ridley Hooper was born to Meg and Travis Hooper on November 10, weighing 7 pounds 1 ounce, and 20 inches long. She will be called Ridley, and at almost 3 weeks of age, she has completely stolen our hearts!

Those are the facts…but we Grandmothers like to tell a little bit more of the story.

Meg and Travis (who live in Greenville, SC) were due to deliver their first child on November 10. As an expecting Grandmother, I wanted to be near by (or at least closer than Dallas) so I went to Charlotte, NC to do some serious waiting. Our other daughter, Jill, and her husband Ryan,  were gracious enough to let us hang out with them and wait for the call.

What to do while we wait? Make some cookies…it works for me!

We made both pink and blue icing for the cookies, because they had not found out if it was a girl or a boy…and we wanted to be ready for either! 

The waiting didn’t make her go into labor like I thought it might. Not even the smell of cookies.

After 4 nights at Jill and Ryan’s we decided we wanted to get a little bit closer to the action,  so we made our way to a lovely hotel just outside of town…still waiting.

On Tuesday night, Nov. 9 we joined Meg and Travis and Travis’ parents for an evening out to see the musical “White Christmas” that was showing in Greenville. Somewhere in the last chorus of “Sisters, Sisters” Meg started having contractions, however she kept that little bit of news to herself. She wanted to wait and see if it was the real thing…

It was.

Born on her due date- Dave likes to call this a Southwest Airlines ON-TIME arrival – we are so thankful to God for His blessing upon blessing, and we are grateful for sweet Ridley and her dear parents.

This is truly the dearest love I have ever known!

More pictures to come!

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