A Second Chance

The last two nights I have had the opportunity to visit with parents at Highland Park Presbyterian Church and at the West Dallas Community School. At both events I got the same question, so I thought I’d answer it here:

“My children have asked me about sex in the past, but I didn’t give them answers…what do I do now?”

Circle back. Pick up the conversation where you left off, and try again.

Children are open to that.

Just let them know that the question surprised you, and that you weren’t quite ready to answer, but now you are ready. Look for a simple setting…maybe cleaning the kitchen, or watering the pansies, and jump in. Let them know you have been thinking about their question, and that you would like to continue the conversation.

You might even be honest enough to tell them that these conversations don’t come easily to you, but that you will overcome that uneasiness to be sure they get honest answers and good information. They may not say so, but they will be grateful.

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