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Healthy, Junk, or Poison?

What did your kids eat today?  Some whole grain goodness wrapped up in a Cheerio? How much do we love it when they ask for a second helping of brocoli?  If our children are picky eaters and will only eat mac and cheese it stresses us out a bit. We want them to get all the nutrients of a balanced diet.

It’s OK if they have the occasional junk food…the chips, soft drinks, pizza, sugar cereal. Everyone enjoys those treats. But all in all, as parents we oversee the menu for the week and do our best to insure that what we offer is as healthy as possible.  At least we try.

Now let’s think about what their brains are taking in over the airwaves each week. How much of what they consume is healthy tv? How much is junk?

One thing we would never let our children put in their mouths is poison! We lock it up, and panic at the thought that they might accidentally ingest a toxin that could really harm them. There may not be a skull and crossbones on some of the tv shows, movies, or video games that are out there, but maybe there should be. When you consider what devastation can come from a steady diet of the programming that Hollywood is cooking up.

The problem is that they flavor it with  a cup of humor, two tablespoons of great acting, and a dash of pizzaz. We hardly know we’re swallowing anything objectionable.

I know, I know.  I may sound like a downer…but should small children watch Glee? Modern Family? even old re-runs of Friends? What are they learning? Is it contrary to your values? Then consider taking it OFF the menu. It may be a sacrifice for you. It’s certainly your decision, but be sure you ARE deciding. Some of the attitudes our children will pick up about sex haven’t come directly from you, but indirectly through the tv and movies that are consumed under your care.

What one person considers healthy, fine, or fun, another thinks is awful. We all have different taste buds when it comes to what we watch. I’m not judging, just encouraging you to consider what’s best for those growing minds and hearts!

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