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Protecting the Innocent

Had lunch last week with some friends who are young mothers and each had been to my workshop, Sooner Than You Think

Wondering if they had  implemented what they had learned, I asked, “Now that you’ve heard HOW to talk to your kids about sex, have you actually done it?” I was glad to hear that 3 out of the 4 had taken the steps to talk to their children, and had felt confident in doing so.

The mother who had not spoken to her children said, ” Here’s the deal… I WANT to talk to my son, and I feel like I finally  have the
tools to do that,  but I just don’t want to take away his innocence!”

Totally understandable.

But then, thankfully, Christy spoke up, “I find the beauty of this strategy of starting early is that it actually PROTECTS their innocence. We  know our children have heard the facts from us, and
we have told them that sex is designed by God. I really feel like this has protected their curious minds from accepting what they might
hear out in the world. What we have said is their FIRST impression, and also their protection.”

None of us will do this sex-talk thing perfectly, but protecting our children by giving them our own thoughts and facts on the subject is a great motivation to make a stab at it.

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