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Spring is HERE!

Spring Break in Dallas usually means LEAVING. “Where did you go for Spring Break?” may be the most expected question in March. 

But when we stay in Dallas for Spring Break it is really pretty wonderful. The weather is delightful, no traffic, nothing on the calendar, parking spaces are available, restaurants aren’t crowded, and everything is blooming. Spring skiing is nice, being at the beach is good for a tan, but Spring in all it’s glory is HERE. Right here, and I love it!

Have you every seen a more beautiful dogwood?? Right next door at the Thompsons’!

My friend Ellery, enjoying our azaleas…

Rankin Street Lemonade Stand…perfect for this warm day in March!

Spring cleaning leads to garage sales

Firewood out…impatients in….

Welcome Spring!!

I know you wanted a closer look at that dogwood!

Everyone likes to say that Spring is here…but today in Dallas, we can say that Spring is HERE!

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