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More Foundation Thoughts

For a few weeks I’ve been walking by the new house being built in our neighborhood, and I see a lot of progress! I also see a lot of things that remind me of parenting.

The men who originally laid the foundation are now pulling off the wooden forms…that means the foundation is set, and can stand on its own. Notice discarded wooden forms.

Deep inside of these concrete foundations are two things: strong iron rods, and many small stones.

Apparently the ingredients for a firm foundation are

#1 seemingly small things

#2 clearly strong things

#3 holding on until it’s time to let go.

When we look back, we see that indeed it was a mountain of seemingly incidental conversations, events,  and actions, and a few iron rods of certainties, held up by the form of ever-present parents, friends, and the church.

And in time the cement is set.

We hope and pray and instruct and guide, and mess up, and try again. We have plans, but they usually get changed…

Thankfully the unchanging love of God never lets go. When we need to pull away,  the Lord will hold them up. And when they build their lives upon His firm foundation, the house will stand.


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