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The Kappa Key

I’m a Kappa…

pledged at SMU in  January of 1973, and loved the whole experience!

Pledging, being a Kappa Picker, Prank Chairman, Rush Chairman, Prez, and then Field Secretary. My mother, her sisters, and my sister are Kappas. One of my daughters is a Kappa, and (thank goodness, to stop the monotony), the other daughter is a Tri Delt.

Some of my best Kappa friends are a generation older than I am, and I am richer by far for having these women in my life. I owe a great deal to the ones who challenged me as a young collegiate to think about life after college,  and what is important about relationships. Warmest thanks go to Claire Roberts, Jan McIlhenny, and Elizabeth Mills. These women were my Kappa advisors (oh so many years ago), who advised me about MORE than Rush Rules or Chapter Council.  They were excellent wives, mothers, and friends….please add hilarious to their list of attributes.

This spring, Kappa’s magazine, The Key, has given a review of my book!

The Key is the first college women’s fraternity magazine published continuously since 1882. (Not that I remember that factoid from pledge tests…I just saw it on their website!)

If you want to view the current issue of  The Key you can go to their website at: and just click on The Key, then current issue.

If you read the article and are interested in my resources go to

If you are a Kappa that I haven’t kept up with…CALL ME, or let’s catch up on Facebook.

If  we were Pickers together, then close your eyes and remember the cornball playing the spoons, or the saw, or the washboard… yep, that was ME!

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