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For 25 Years…

In 1986 I gave my first workshop and it was titled, “Shaping Your Child’s Sexual Character”.  At that time, I thought it would be a one-time-only training workshop for the Dallas Junior League. After researching, thinking, writing, interviewing and praying for six months, my interest in this subject grew as I was a young mother, and was wondering how I would attempt to talk to my own children.

My original plan was to say nothing at all and hope for the best.

It had worked well for my parents…

Now, 25 years later, I consider this work to be one of the greatest surprises and joys in my life. This year I have had the privilege of speaking 37 times to various groups from Houston to Fargo and to meet young parents of the next generation who are teaching their own children what they want them to know about sex. Hopefully they will be encouraged and equipped to share with their children that this mysterious union is a blessing designed by God for marriage. But truthfully, I leave parents with the choice to deliver whatever message THEY think is the most important.

Twenty five years ago my daughters were 4 and 1, and Davis was but a twinkle in his daddy’s eye (do people say that anymore?). I know that as Dave and I attempted to communicate with our own children we often failed miserably, and missed opportunities because it took time for us to gain the confidence that this was the right path. May you, dear reader, take confidence that this is a good strategy for parenting. I believe even the most flawed attempt at talking to your children about sex is far better than leaving such an important part of parenting to a slick movie at school.

These are your children, and they want and need to hear your voice to give context to this subject.

My goal is simply for parents to get started…I hope you have started.

I am forever grateful to every parent who has come at sometime during these 25 years. We have had some wonderful conversations haven’t we? I have learned so much from you and you have blessed me and this work with your presence. May I slice you a piece of cake?

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