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Looking backwards, forwards

This has been a very special year for many reasons. (Like school children, my working year is counted from September to May) I’m so grateful to all of the groups that invited me to speak in…Houston, Charlotte NC, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Austin, and Augusta GA. Each stop brought special friends and memories. Hard to believe, but 37 times this year it was my privilege to present a message to parents, and each time it was a blessing to me!

A very special thank you to Just Say YES who does an amazing job of booking, shipping, and supporting in every way! A big shout out to  LINDA ROSSI !! She has been my right arm for several years, and I can never thank her enough. If you have ever had the joy of working with her, you know what I’m taking about.

An exciting new addition this year, thanks to the Council for Life and Sue Bailey was Breaking The Cycle. A redesign of my message for teen moms who want to raise their children with a different image of sex than what they grew up with. I’m so grateful to Brenda Teele who partners with me in this effort.

Looking ahead,  there are two opportunities this summer that I’m particularly excited about.  Focus on the Family has invited me for an interview on their radio program and the taping will be at the end of June. I will keep you posted about when it will be broadcast. And in August, I’ll be speaking at the MOPS International Convention. These milestones would not have happened without the prayer and support of many friends, and I know that! What a journey this has been.

And one more piece of BIG NEWS…my new book is coming out this summer!! I want to save an entire blog post for that…so stay tuned!

Looking back over this year, I am grateful and astounded by the opportunities that God has granted me to share with parents and make new friends…and looking ahead I am blown away, with breathless thanks for what He is bringing!!

Thank you for your part!

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