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Confession…I’m not a good blogger. I think maybe you knew that.

Maybe I’m not a blogger at all, but I’ve come to a conference this weekend to find out how to either do this blogging thing right, or….well, you know…not at all.

My hope is to be inspired and better equipped, and from the looks of it, Declare should do the trick. Just checked into the Marriott at Las Colinas in Irving, Texas. Not far from home, and yet I’m thinking I might be in another world…the bloggers’ world. Let’s see if I belong here or not!

If you follow me, I’d love to have any comments about what you are looking for as I’m giving all of this a lot of thought. So grateful for each pair of eyes that look to this blog for encouragement and ideas! 

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    Dotsy said,

    Sounds like a great event—would love to be there with you!
    When you blog, you do it well—but with your schedule and at this new season of grand mothering, maybe you could have a day where you share ideas with grandmothers. How much can we “do” without intruding on the parents—certainly the intent would not be to usurp position of mom and dad but would love great ideas about how to come alongside.
    Miss you, Dotsy

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    Amanda Chong said,

    Mary I am interested in getting regar little injections if how to keep sexuality on the agenda in my family of 2 girls and 2 boys in ages ranging 3-13. Maybe even wisdom from your book! With Thanks from Amanda in Australia

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    Connie Carey said,

    I love your posts…both the informative ones and the updates on family. I say keep ’em coming with more of the same!

    1 little suggestion: take the instructional videos from your website and post them on your blog (not everyone who has seen them has seen your blog, and vice versa). They’re to the point and with a quick take-away…perfect blog post material. Just a thought.

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