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Since 1986, Mary Flo Ridley has encouraged and equipped parents of young children to be successful in the daunting task of guiding their child’s sexual values.

Mary Flo began this talk after being asked by a community organization if she would attend a conference to address this topic. Mary Flo had young children at the time, and she quickly realized that she did not agree with the message being given. She intentionally set about making a plan with her husband for how the topics of sex, babies, family, and privacy would be addressed in her family. Mary Flo noticed other parents struggling with the pressure of how to approach these sensitive topics, and decided it was important to give other parents the confidence to develop their own plan for what they want their child to know about sex.

She walks parents through very specific ways to answer their child’s early questions with confidence.  They learn how to identify teachable moments, share their values, and develop a positive plan for the pre-school to pre-teen years. As a result, parents become their child’s loving authority on the subject of sex.

Mary Flo is a graduate of Southern Methodist University and has been married to her husband, Dave, for 33 years. They reside in Dallas, Texas,  have 3 adult children, and three grandchildren.


“Mary Flo’s talk was a wake up call and easy to relate to.  She gave us the tools to establish credibility in our children’s eyes, establishing open lines of communication for their future experiences and concerns. The most impressive result of this talk was that it led to immediate action which has continued to enrich and strengthen our relationships.”           –Parent

“She is a captivating speaker-very witty, organized and informative. We continued to get positive feedback for weeks. Parents were motivated and much more comfortable being able to talk with their children about sex after having heard her presentation.”       –PTA Vice-President

“One of the best parent seminars in my 13 years as a lower school counselor. She puts everyone at ease with her sense of humor, her candor and own experiences.”                     – School Counselor

“When my son was in kindergarten, I thought the best thing I could do for him was to postpone any talk about sex for as long possible. Then I listened to Mary Flo and what she recommended really made sense.  She inspired me to talk openly to my son about sex at a very young age, so that I could be the one to shape his values and prevent him from learning any misinformation.  I am so glad that I heard this philosophy from Mary Flo when my son was young.  He is a teenager now, and due to her guidance all those years ago, we are able to discuss this topic without discomfort.”                 –Parent

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