Betty and Bob

Happy Anniversary to Betty and Bob!!

This week my parents would have celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary. My mother passed away 14 years ago, and my father has happily remarried, but their love will last ALWAYS. In fact, my mother had a jewelry box that dad gave her, and when you opened it…it played the tune, “Always”, if you’re not familiar with that song, check out the iTunes version by Frank Sinatra.

The song is sweet and sincere. But underneath this sweetness they understood what it would take to make a marriage last;  to be true to one another and to us.

I am blessed to have the best childhood  memories, and one of my favorites was watching them dance…and looking into one another’s eyes, just like in this picture..taken at the State Fair of Texas in 1949.

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    Dotsy said,

    What a great picture and great truth about all it takes to make a marriage last. My mother and daddy were Sinatra fans as well—-boy could they dance. As we know, “dancing” is important!

  2. 2

    Debbie said,

    Mary Flo,
    I well remember their parties at home….small, not pompous or fancy but cook outs and dinners with a few friends and family members….all meant to deepen friendships and strengthen their circle. Their love was real and each of you three children have taken it into your homes with your spouses as you also are learning what devoted love requires. I am honored to have been indirectly touched.
    Love, Debbie

  3. 3

    Susan Graass said,

    What a sweet picture of Betty and Bob! And a great memory from the State Fair of Texas!

  4. 4

    Linda R. said,

    What a wonderful story and heritage Mary Flo! You and Dave are just like that!

  5. 5

    Lisa said,

    Thanks for sharing. My parents were high school sweethearts and just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary over the summer. Their love for each other has been a gift to us all. I have been accused of only remembering the good times from outsiders, but after they hear the same from my brother and meet my folks – they have become believers in my parents’ magic. That picture from the State Fair if priceless. Cheers to family values and honoring committments.

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