A Slower Walk

I just got back from a walk, and it was glorious! This spring Dallas has enjoyed plenty of rain and cooler temperatures, and the mosquitos aren’t out yet…so it’s a perfect time for exercising in the fresh air! If you are fortunate enough to have a small child along, try not to think so much about how many steps you log on your fit bit, but rather how many details you can find in the things that are blooming around you.

Feel the soft petals of the flowers and carefully look at the sprouting buds, and talk about seeds. In fact, maybe pick up a pack or two at the grocery story, and try growing some herbs or flowers at home so that they can catch on to the excitement! This time of year just begs for conversations about new life!

Fairy gardens are fun, and lend themselves not only to conversations about how things grow, but also feeds your child’s imagination! Here is a picture of my neighbor’s fairy garden…very nice, don’t you think?

fairy garden

Plus a few glances of spring from my walk


It’s earth day today…and I’m so grateful for the beauty that God has given us in spring!!

Now I DO KNOW that this is a weed


…but it’s my grandaughters’ favorite flower in Flo Flo’s yard!

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