Let Parents Tell


Today we’ll address a fear that many parents ask me about. They WANT to talk to their children about sex, but they don’t want their children sharing this information with others.  Can anything be done about that!?


It is tricky to keep this information within our families, but try to help your children understand that every Mom & Dad will get to have these conversations with their own children at a time that they decide is best. Tell them how glad you are that YOU got to be the one to tell them these things, and that their friends’ parents want to do that as well.

Another point to cover with them is that it really would not be appropriate to talk about sex at school, in the carpool, or any place other than within your family. These are considered special family conversations.

But let’s be honest. This will be extremely difficult for some of our chatty-er children.

You know your daughter Emma better than she knows herself, and you just KNOW she is going to go straight to her best friend, Lily and spill all the details as soon as she possibly can….despite your warnings…..what do you do about THAT?

I suggest you call Lily’s mom. Explain the situation fully, and let her know…

she has 24 hours.

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    Christy said,

    Hi Mary Flo!

    I have heard about you for some time and even though I have never heard you speak, I have used the advice you have given my friends who have heard you speak. Can’t wait to read your book!

    On the matter above, I also added that sex is private. It is something very special between and husband and wife it is not done publicly, but privately. Each family decides when and how to talk to their kids about sex. We need to respect their privacy and not talk about it with our friends. It seemed to work for her. However, I did give most of the parents warning that my daughter was informed. It is about time my son get the more detailed conversation and he may not be as considerate of privacy.

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